Introducing the 20" Argus Pigging Ball Valve!

Designed to achieve optimal pipeline performance, the 20" Argus Pigging Ball Valve offers unsurpassed reliability.

Advantages to Choosing the 20″ - 150 Class Argus Pig Ball Valve Include:
• Light weight; An overall weight comparable to our 16″ - 150 Class Pig Valve
• Designed in accordance with NACE for sour service
• API, ASME, ISO & CSA compliant
• Built in features enhance safety for operations personnel
• Addition of a secondary grease port to each flange, making greasing easier and more effective
• Double block and bleed construction facilitate use as a traditional block valve, thus reducing the number of valves required in the pigging facility
• Significantly smaller footprint, reducing the space required for pigging facilities
• Optimal production and mitigation of corrosion through effective liquid(s) sweeping and debris removal
• Adaptable to batch, corrosion inhibition programs
• Reducing emissions by more than 80% compared to traditional launching and receiving methods
• Functionally simple design minimizes training and maintenance costs
• Reduced requirement for infrastructure, decreasing field construction time
• Temperature Range of -50°F to +250°F (-46°C to +121°C)
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20" Argus Pigging Valve
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