Argus Swages - Features

Argus Swages will meet your performance goals. Our industrial cementing and circulating swages feature:

  • An integral body of forged or wrought alloy steel for maximum strength and pressure capability
  • API line pipe or premium connections (including fig 1502 female end connections)
  • A lifting/safety hook (optional on line pipe swages, standard on hammer union swages)
  • Hydro testing to 150% of maximum allowable working pressure

Argus Machine Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing swages and cementing equipment for over 50 years. That says a lot about our experience and the confidence our customers have in our products and services. We don’t attribute our success to longevity alone, however; our commitment to continual redesign and product enhancements allows us to maintain a competitive edge in the oil and gas industry.

Metal Machining & Threading - Just Two of Our Specialties

In addition to manufacturing premium oilfield products, Argus can assist you with all your metal machining and threading needs. From turning and threading to milling, drilling, swedging and grinding to welding projects, Argus is a trusted source.


Check out our product brochure or contact us and let us know how we can help!